Progress on Workpackage 4

Moving Stair4Security forward. A lot of solid work is ongoing in WP4. Meeting, hosted this week by @TFCRIL with project partners, presented their aims and ambitions for the @stair4security project in relation to WP4. The focus this month is on the development of the project web site and the upcoming CoU event in Brussels. Both Patricia Compard, chairperson of the working committee CEN TC391 and Tom Flynn, @TFCEngage, will play a pivotal role for the project at the upcoming CoU event. They look forward to engaging with many of the participants at the event and in particular Practitioners. Should you wish to meet at the event, please drop an email request to and we will follow up with you. You can also follow project activities on Twitter: #disaster #resilence, #cbrne, #standards, #governance

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