Stair4Security’s coverage in European Commission’s CBRN Newsletter

Stair4Security was delighted to be included in the latest edition of the European Commission’s CBRN Newsletter, issued at the beginning of this month. The newsletter provides CBRN-relevant update at EU level, and consists of a description of work carried out to date as a means of keeping informed the research community of first responders’ needs to CBRN incidents.

Over the past two decades, the European Commission has been working with research organisations, industry, first responders and a broad range of agencies to provide an improved framework to tackle CBRN threats. An ongoing harmonisation between Horizon 2020 research projects and key stakeholders ensures that value is delivered in a time-efficient manner to practitioners and policy-makers operating in the sector. Stair4Security was listed as one of the “great examples of a team that brings together disparate groups that might not even realise they have applicability in CBRN and related fields, and welds them into something bigger“.

According to Tom Flynn (TFC Research and Innovation), work package leader of Communication and Dissemination , the value of Stair4Security is bringing together the various communities involved in disaster and CBRN standards, another group accustomed to working in silos.

We primarily enable policymakers and people enforcing disaster risk resilience (DRR) and CBRNE preparedness and response, to address their potential needs in standardisation, research and innovation to support future coordination efforts. Our ecosystem comprises a business and practitioner orientated platform and a supporting e-learning tool for effective usage of the platform. These enable users to build a forward looking picture to better support their businesses on related DRR/CBRNE topics of their choice and address them with any relevant partner. The platform also enables users to network and contribute to the platform resources and services.

Other listed projects include NO-FEAR, Encircle, E-Notice, INCLUDING, TERRIFFIC, all of which play an essential role in our engagement strategy.

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