Stair4Security talks about Engagement Strategy

“One significant ongoing activity in @Stair4Security is the engagement process with the targeted community and in particular with policymakers and Disaster Risk Resilience and CBRNe practitioners” (Tom Flynn, WP4 Leader).

Over the past months, the Stair4Security team has worked relentlessly on the development of the Stair4Security platform and the supporting elearning tool. The Stair4Security framework is built as a single-entry point governance eco-system to support research, innovation and standardization in the DRR/CBRNe sectors. It is driven at policy levels and from a practitioners’ perspective to better meet their needs and to cover critical aspects including resource management, communities and network interactions.

The platform will significantly strengthen the knowledge acquisition process of the experts involved in CBRNe and DRR and is well aligned with the European Commission investment in new ways for standardization research and innovation to be better realized. Interoperability is key to the platform, and it will enable users to build a forward-looking picture to better support their interest on related DRR/CBRNe topics that they choose and address with any relevant partner. The eLearning tool is being developed to enable users of the platform to maximize the time and value of the platform, and it will have both public and private space.

To bring the project forward, an engagement process was planned based on a 3-phased approach and built on from the obtained results from the target community, which is very positive. This engagement process really moved as a result of the joint collaboration event with the NO-FEAR project, which was held in Rome, November 2019.

Camille Cloitre (Stair4Security) presenting at the Stair4Security/NO-FEAR Conference in November 2019

 “The Joint Conference was really useful! The high level of participants together with the practical topics that were discussed made it very enjoyable and helpful from a project point of view. The direct and deep interaction with other project partners was valuable, it created a small network of networks that are interested in standards.” (Dr. Luigi De Dominicis, ENEA, Italy)

Crucial to our ongoing work is that we do not work in silo mode. Presently, we hold a series of dedicate project meetings to assist the process of understanding new needs and concepts, so that the platform when fully delivered will work very well for the targeted community.

In light of the ongoing pandemic world that we presently live in, we designed a comprehensive Engagement Strategy and in the process ran a series of Meeting of Mind (MoM) virtual events. The webinars enabled Stair4Security to present the project, but more importantly it allowed us to demonstrate the (beta-) platform and (beta-) elearning tool and to obtain valued assessment and feedback from the participating related #H2020 #security #firstrespondersfirst type projects (including Encircle, Terriffic, Fire-In, NO-FEAR, Including, DareNet, ILEAnet among others).

We will continue this engagement process to strengthen the outcomes of the Stair4Security project. Stay tuned for more updates by following us on Twitter ( and joining our LinkedIn Group (

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