STAIR4SECURITY releases an early alpha version of both platform and eLearning tool

In December 2020, the Consortium proudly released an early alpha version of both the STAIR4SECURITY platform and the associated eLearning tool. Members of the European Disaster Risk Resilience community, including CBRN, are presently working with us to improve the outcome of both the platform and the eLearning tool.

We believe that the undertaking also provides an opportunity to:

·        determine where the value of the delivered technologies lies
·        identify and define features for potential inclusion in a later release

The platform aims to permit a better overview of current and new projects being at national, European, and international levels, thus ensuring better coordination between all stakeholders and responding more efficiently and timely to practitioners’ critical needs. It will serve as a single entry point designed to provide the community with easy access to relevant research information, regarding standardization, technical solutions, best-practices, guidelines designed to strengthen their day-to-day business activities.

The eLearning tool will offer a range of course material, readily accessible to members of the STAIR4SECURITY community, and will support the platform’s successful deployment. Presently, users can browse public and private courses, the former being accessible to the broader public, whereas the latter is only available registered members. The course materials consist of text, hyperlinks, PDF files, videos, and interactive maps.

The consortium continues to advance both the platform and the elearning tool, which is primarily driven at policy level for practitioner needs.

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