Stair4Security Platform Demonstration Webinars

We are pleased to announce that our first webinar, presenting the STAIR4SECURITY Platform took  place last Friday, April 24 as part of the project’s  engagement process. We were delighted to have 12 Horizon 2020 projects within the DRR/CBRNe community attending the demonstration.

The STAIR4SECURITY team focused on the need for a uniform mechanism that allows a bottom-up process of standardization to be realized, ensuring that the needs of policymakers and practitioners are met, which is the primary objective of the project.
The 3 pillars of the platform were presented, namely resource management, communities and network interactions, and interoperability. and Technical aspects including the user interface were also covered before the demo took place. The webinar was well-received, and participants were enthusiastic about the platform.

These webinars will initially be held on an invitation basis, targeting ongoing H2020 CBRNe/DRR projects under the auspice of the European Commission (DG-Home). More open sessions are planned for later in the year and next year. We look forward to more engaging and productive input, ensuring STAIR4SECURITY meets end user needs.

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