The STAIR4SECURITY final event took place on 27th and 28th of May 2021. It was hosted by KPMG FA and TFC, and covered ten sessions, offering an overview of the STAIR4SECURITY ecosystem and results.

Presentations were carried out by members of the Consortium and guest speakers from different projects (DG-ECHO, DG-HOME, ENCIRCLE, NO-FEAR, INCLUDING, STRATEGY, and AQUA3S), some of which will share their experience in using the STAIR4SECURITY tools.

The event was promoted via the STAIR4SECURITY channels and the CERIS network, which was facilitated by Philippe Quevauviller (DG-HOME). There were over 100 participants present on Day 1 and over 85 in Day 2, accounting to nearly 100 people attending the event outside the STAIR4SECURITY Consortium and presenters during the two-day event. A summary of attendance could be found below:

Country20 different countires
Organisation83 different organisations
EU Project57% of all the attendees came from EU Projects, collectively representing 49 HORIZON2020 Projects
Nationality27 different nationalities across the attendees
Attendance KPIs for the two-day event

Recording of the two-day event could be found on the project YouTube channel.

We are indebted to all the people who helped with the organisation of the final event, all the presenters and supporters for their dedication and commitment to STAIR4SECURITY. The project’s last newsletter highlighting the current status of the project’s results and future sustainability can be found here.

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