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Today, Europe faces growing threats in area such as natural disasters and terrorism putting safety and security at risk. At national and EU level, policies makers deal with the question how does societies prepare and better manage risks. Coverage involves a huge range of operational procedures for preparedness, prevention, detection, surveillance, response and recovery. To support these policies across Europe, organizations are commissioning ground-breaking research and developing new technologies. It is against this background that the Stair4Security project, which is being led by CEN/CENELEC, is being driven. The project aims to deliver a governance platform that will strengthen the decision making process, particularly with regards to European standardization needs. Under the scope of Disaster Resilience and CBRNE, the information in the platform can be helpful to users who are policy makers, practitioners, scientists, standardizers and industry throughout this process.

At the #CoU13 event in Brussels last week (w/k begin 25 03 19), Dr. Margarida Goulart (EU-JRC) and a member of the Stair4Security project, presented JRC’s capability regards to CBRNE Coordination and Standardization to practitioners, researcher and industry participants. Both Ms. Patricia Compard (TC391 Chairperson) and Tom Flynn (TFC Research and Innovation Limited) presented the Stair4Security project to the Network of Practitioners and received a welcomed reception.

The Stair4Security project addresses three key areas, i/ development of the Stair4Security platform, ii/ existing Standardization mechanisms and iii/ eLearning tool development in support. Scoped under Disaster Resilience and CBRNE, we seek to obtain a better understanding and perspective of Practitioners views on standardization, particularly regards to the #CWA process. Do you know what a CWA process is? Have you used it before? If you are a Practitioner involved in Disaster Resilience and CBRNE, let’s have your views please. Completing the brief survey can help with our work.

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