STAIR4SECURITY and the CWA/Fast-track Procedure

In the common session of the CEN and CENELEC Technical Boards recently in Brussels, the actions of the CEN-CENELEC Innovation Plan were on the agenda and well discussed with interest. The proposal was tabled to revise the CEN-CENELEC Guide 23 “Consortium bridge” and Guide 29 “CEN/CENELEC Workshop Agreements”. Significantly, in these revisions, a main input will be the results of STAIR4SECURITY, especially the outcomes of the surveys related to the process of CWA and recommendations for “Fast Track Procedure”, the smooth transformation of Workshop Agreements, if required, into European Standards. This is a not only a great recognition of the STAIR4SECURITY project but should make the deliverables of the Horizon 2020 project more sustainable far beyond the end of the project.

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Tom Flynn. WP4 Leader.

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