The STAIR4SECURITY Platform (WP2 Deliverables)

The overall goal of WP2 is to conceptualize, design and implement STAIR4SECURITY Platform and to build the necessary structure to sustain its operations to support the coordination and governance needs of relevant DRR/CBRNe stakeholders. Specifically, the goals of WP2 are:


  • Conceptualisation of the Platform – Develop a detailed conceptual framework for the S4S digital platform that could be used to engage consortium partners and other S4S project stakeholders on the nature and types of support that the platform will provide.
  • Specification and Design of the Platform – Co-develop with S4S stakeholders the technical specifications, architecture and design of the platform.
  • Implementation of the Platform – Build and integrate different software services to realise the specified platform features.
  • Sustainability of the Platform – Specify the mechanisms and create structures to manage, govern and ensure the sustainability of the operations of the platform.

The deliverables produced as part of WP2 can be seen below:

D2.1 STAIR4SECURITY Platform Concept & Framework Document presents the platform Roadmap for Conception, Development & Sustainability together with the Stair4Security Framework.

D2.2 Platform Specification Document presents the specification of the Stair4Security Platform including the architecture specification and the initial design of the platform features. It also presents information about the system layers and the characteristics of the platform. This deliverable acts as the reference point for the actual development of the Platform and offers background information on the technologies that are necessary to build the platform.

 D2.3 First Release of S4S Platform presenting the first Release of the Stair4Security Platform.

D2.4 Second Release of S4S Platform presenting the second Release of the Stair4Security Platform.

D2.5 Platform Governance Strategy documents the necessary structures, processes and activities that will ensure that operation and sustained use of the developed STAI4SECURITY Platform. An initial draft of the governance strategy was presented at the STAIR4SECURITY Final Event.

D2.6 Data Strategy and Management Report describing the plan for managing the data generated and collected in STAIR4SECURITY platform. Over the last few months of the project, a number of collaborative meetings took place to advance the data strategy through designated API discussions with NO-FEAR and ENCIRCLE. Findings have been incorporated into the current version of the platform and have been documented in the NO-FEAR DRR Data Ecosystem Operational Platform Guide.

D2.7 Platform Sustainability Strategy aims at ensuring the sustainability of the operations of the platform beyond the project lifetime.

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