Project Management (WP1 Deliverables)

Work Package 1, led by CEN, ensures project coordination and management as well as financial and administrative management.

The other deliverables developed under WP1 are:

  • Deliverable D1.1 Description of the project management work structure which describes the project management structure, defining consortium operating procedures and practices for good management of the project.
  • Deliverable D1.2 Members of the High-Level Expert Group presents the members of the STAIR4SECURITY High-Level Expert Group (or Advisory Board) and describe its role in supporting the implementation of the project.
  • Deliverable 1.3 Assess report of the High-Level Expert Group describes the process of collecting feedback the project implementation from the members of the High-Level Expert Group.
  • Deliverable D1.4 Periodic Report which provides an interim report of project activities after the first year, covering tasks and activities of each Work Package, work progress and the next steps.

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