Dissemination and Communication Plan and Implementation (WP4 Deliverables)

In the initial phase of the project, TFC with the support of  KPMG FA, developed a 3-Phased Dissemination and Communication Plan to ensure effective project communication and awareness raising. Throughout the life of the project, WP4 raised project awarenesss to targeted stakeholders, secured cross-fertilisation with other CBRN/DRR initiatives, and strengthened the overall project impact. A list of WP4 deliverables can be found below:

D4.1 Dissemination and Communication Plan defines the means to raise awareness of the project, its progress and the ongoing activities across STAIR4SECURITY. It sets out the project approach for communication, knowledge transfer and information diffusion on the project as well as on the STAIR4SECURITY platform.

D4.2 Project website  The project website can be found at www.cen-stair4security.eu and is the core for public visibility worldwide. The website, together with the social media channels, the Stair4Security platform and eLearning tool, forms the Stair4Security ecosystem and it is critical for the sustainability of the overall project results.

D4.3 Promotion materials including webinar, eLearning tool content and newsletters

An overview of WP4 deliverables have been outline in the table below:

WP4 Results at Reporting Date
Website http://censtair4security.eu/
Promotional materials and newsletters KPMG FAC produced the project logo, flyer, poster, pop up banner and project templates have been produced in March 2019 ahead of the Community of Users event . In efforts to ensure that the STAIR4SECURITY platform is diffused in the most effective manner and bearing in mind life beyond the project, consortium members have taken steps to ensure that the brand STAIR4SECURITY reflects just the right values and characteristics intended to be communicated to the target audiences. Video interviews were also conducted through the process.
Newsletters and webinars Newsletters have been generated throughout the life of the event, and we have another one to be released at the end of the project.

Throughout the life of the project, we have organized 4 Meeting of Minds webinars, 1 face-to-face event in conjunction with NO-FEAR (November 2019), and a number of hackathons to validate the Stair4Security platform an eLearning tool. In addition, ongoing engagement and positively contributing interaction with sister projects, practitioners and policymakers to enhance the project’s results and to build a robust network of experts.

eLearning tool Beta versions of the eLearning tool has been released for validation through webinars, hackathons/forum and workshops.
Final event TFC and KPMG FA will issue a report regarding the final event that took place on the 27th-28th of May, 2021. A brief overview of the different sessions, presenters, and number of attendees can be found in the sections above.

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