AFNOR is a non profit association under French law created in 1926. It is the French national member of the three officially recognized European standardisation organisations (European Committee for Standardization, CEN; European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization, CENELEC; European Telecommunications Standards Institute, ETSI), as well as of the two main international standardisation organisations (International Organization for Standardization, ISO; International Electrotechnical Commission, IEC).

AFNOR is the second largest National Standards Body at the European level, in terms of responsibilities of technical structures, and the fourth at the international level. It is a permanent member of every governance bodies of CEN and CENELEC and actively contributes to the definition of the strategy and the evolution of the rules in these two organisations. At national level, AFNOR aims to lead and coordinate the standards development process and to promote the application of standards.

By delivering standardization services, AFNOR manages at the national level a network of stakeholders from both the security Industry and the public sector, including the Ministère de l’Intérieur and academic partners (LNE, CEA, Université de Compiègne…)

AFNOR has undertaken the responsibility of various CEN Technical Committees and CEN Workshops or Focus Groups which delivered several recommendations for European Standardization.

In particular, AFNOR contributes actively to standardization dealing with the security areas, in particular to CEN TC 391 on Societal and Citizen Security and to ISO TC 292 on Security and Resilience, both technical committees involved in societal security.

The organization has experience in supporting R&D projects for pre-standardization actions and is involved in several H2020 projects.
AFNOR will commit a team formed by the Development Manager in the field of ICT and security standardization sector and the team in charge of international affairs.

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