The first objective of the project is to establish an expert platform setting a mechanism of coordination of research-related standardisation activities in the security sector, building up on a legacy of identified projects, and providing a “single entry point” for any query related to standards in the Disaster Resilience and CBRNe sectors. It is to be noted that the platform will not cover cybersecurity activities.

The project aims to ensure that the upstream work i.e. pre- or co-normative research is conveyed quickly and adequately into the standardisation process. This means it is accessible, signalled to relevant CEN-CENELEC technical committees, discussed with relevant stakeholders, aligned with policy priorities and allocated to the relevant standardization body. The process will by no means substitute the role of National Standardization Bodies in research projects. The platform shall involve Member States’ representatives, policy-makers, scientists (research, academic), standardizers and practitioners including through existing network of practitioners as well as security industry/SMEs. Industry might be involved only once the process of expression of means is matured enough. This will allow relevant research outputs being more efficiently and faster directed to proper activity streams e.g. mandates to issue EN, CWA, or non-standardised guidelines and best practices.

The second objective of the project is the revision of the necessary standardization tools and mechanisms to fit the needs of research and innovation when market need has been outlined by the proposer. This will be translated in the review of the CEN and CENELEC Workshop Agreement (CWA) process assessing its fit for purpose for the security sector and comprising the possibility to develop CWAs with classified information.

Using the STAIR4SECURITY platform for early information exchange between research projects having a standardization dimension and standardizers, the assessment of maturity by the relevant standardization bodies of non-consensus standardization deliverables like CWA but also Technical Specifications (TS) and Technical Report (TR) to be adopted as consensus standard (EN) will be facilitated. Therefore, it is proposed to analyse the options designing a new mechanism including selection criteria and necessary steps to be followed during the development of CWA, TS or TR to be eligible for a fast-track adoption as CEN or CENELEC consensus standard.

The CWA and the fast track adoption procedure being CEN and CENELEC internal procedures, the project will propose clear and detailed improvement options to fit the needs of the security sector to be finally adopted by the relevant CEN and CENELEC governing bodies.