A wide range of security threats including man-made and natural risks can result in disruptive events having serious consequences for societal and citizen security. Both, public and private stakeholders require adequate solutions in organization, procedures and technological capabilities to be able to respond timely and effectively. Thus, there is a need to develop specific standards that enable various public and private organizations within Europe, being local, national, European or international to be effectively coordinated ensuring as much as possible a smoothly cooperation before, during and after a disruptive event.

The main objective of STAIR4SECURITY is to create a collaborative platform as single entry point for information on the security sector stemming primarily from research activities in order to allow better governance of standardization needs in the Disaster Resilience and Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNe) sectors to be realised. The platform will be practitioner / policy making driven. It aims to permit a better overview of current and new projects being at, national, European and international level; ensuring more coordination between all stakeholders and responding more efficiently and timely to the critical needs following an agreed strategic vision and identified priorities.

Besides ensuring the necessary partnering network, STAIR4SECURITY will review process efficiency and effectiveness, including the necessary tools and mechanisms, which encapsulates the CEN and CENELEC Workshop Agreement (CWA) process and a fast-track procedure. The adoption and suitability of a CWA as well as any other standard type deliverable or reference document, such as a TS and TR, will also form part of the review under the guise for the need for more relevant consensus standard (EN).

Overall concept

The underlining concept is to support the facilitation and transfer of research results at European and national level into the market involving standardization activities.

STAIR4SECURITY aims to deliver a policy making / practitioner driven platform, which enables a more effective networking within experts from research, industry including SMEs, practitioners, policy makers and standardizer to be realised.

The platform will not only ensure the awareness of relevant activities from the demand and supplier sides but also digest the input received, align the gaps with the policy priorities to provide recommendations on standardization needs and the relevant standardization body to address the needs identified. The platform should also support the initial steps to launch the standardization activities in, for example, helping in the drafting of the standardization mandate or proposed work item.

The platform aims to ensure that all current and planned actions are made known to the community and that an assessment of the maturity and the market relevance of the pre-standardization activities to be upgraded in a consensus standard will be facilitated.